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How to Do an American Accent

In general American, pay attention to the three oral postures: the lips, the jaw and the tongue. They are all pretty relaxed. The tongue is in the middle of the mouth and dropped down behind the lower teeth.

You can check you are in the correct general American if you relax your lips, jaw, and tongue and sigh “uh”. Then you get the schwa sound, symbolised by ə. ə is in the middle of your mouth as in love, glov e, above.

If you forget the general American posture, do the də (duh) test.

By Matthew

Hello! I'm Matthew and I have more than 11 years of teaching experience with a certified TESOL qualification and a Bachelor Degree in Applied Languages. I specialise in standard American and British accent training. In addition, I am half Japanese (and part German) and have lived in many places including Tokyo, London, Milan, Berlin and Budapest so I know how to bridge different cultures!

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